Future Act Agreement (Native Title Act)
An agreement made under the future act provisions of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) about a "future act" - a proposed activity or development that may affect native title - which requires an agreement with the native title parties in order for the activity to be valid.

A Note on Future Acts and the ATNS Database
Procedures for the negotiation of Future Act Agreements are contained in section 31 of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). As such, these agreements are often referred to as Section 31 Agreements. Once agreement is reached, the negotiating parties are required to lodge a copy of the agreement with the NNTT. However, in a majority of cases, parties will provide an agreement that will satisfy the specifications of the NTA but, for reasons of confidentiality, gives very few details of the contents of that agreement or its subject matter. For example, payment details will rarely be included. The NNTT does not have access to the particulars of these agreements. Basic facts (such as name and date) of the agreements are therefore published on the NNTT website, however, no further detail is available. Accordingly, unless a particular agreement is made public by the parties, agreements reached through this process are not included in the ATNS database. For more information click here

On information currently available, as at April 2012 some 2,663 Section 31 Agreements had been lodged with the NNTT. Only a handful of those - those made public by the negotiating parties - are detailed below.
Access Clearance and Native Title Mining Agreement
Alcan South Pacific Agreement3/09/1997
AuDAX Resources NL and the Mirriwung Gajerrong People Agreement1/05/1998
Australian Gas Light Company Agreement10/12/1997
Batavia Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 20/11/2012
BHP Area C Agreement
Birriah People Tenure Resolution Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA)27/09/2016 
Birriah People/Spurdle Family Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)27/09/2016 
Browse LNG Precinct Project Agreement30/06/2011
Bundjalung People and Ross Mining Agreement25/07/1997
Burrup and Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement Implementation Deed1/01/2003 
Coal and Allied Cultural Heritage Management Agreement1/01/2001
Coal and Allied Memorandum of Understanding1/01/1999
Comalco Protocol1/01/1999
Cooper Basin Access Agreements1/10/2001
Cooper Basin Oil and Gas Exploration Agreement1/01/2005
Eastern Gas Pipeline Agreement27/08/1997
Eastern Guruma Agreement1/01/2001
Ergon Energy and Tableland Yidinji People Indigneous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)13/12/2012
Ewamian / Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Forsayth and District Branch Incorporated IA19452 1/04/2009 
Exploration Agreement
Future Act - Mining Agreement
Gournditch-Mara & Lynch Mining - Victorian Exploration Licences 4368 & 4369 6/10/2006 
Gulf Communities Agreement1/09/1997
Guruma Memorandum of Understanding1/01/2000
Hail Creek Coal Agreement Wiri Yuwiburra1/01/1998
Hail Creek Protocol1/01/1998
Hutt Lagoon Aquaculture Project Agreement28/08/1998
Kintyre Aboriginal Survey and Compensation Agreement
Kintyre Draft Agreement
Kistler Satellite Launch Project Agreement1/06/1998
Lambina Opal Mining Field Agreement1/06/1998
Land Tenure Agreement between the State of Queensland, the Western Yalanji People, and Alan and Karen Pedersen28/09/1998
Land Use and Access Agreement between Western Yalanji, State of Queensland and Noel A. Adam28/09/1998
Ma:Mu Canopy Walk Heads of Agreement24/03/2002 
Manna Hill Mining Company and the Kuyani/Adnyamathanha Peoples Agreement1/08/1997
Merlin Diamond Mine Northern Territory and the Wurdaliya and Wuyaliya Peoples Agreement16/06/1998
Midwest Gas Pipeline Agreement1/01/1997
Mining Agreement
Mining Agreement Between Thor Mining and Eastern Arrernte Native Title Holders25/10/2007
Model Exploration & Mining Agreement between Rio Tinto Exploration Pty Ltd, Local Aboriginal Groups and the Northern Land Council1/01/2001
Model Low Impact Exploration Access Agreement
Mount Hotham Airport Agreement12/10/1998
Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory Agreement 13/11/2009  
Murrin Murrin Project Agreement3/04/1997
Native Title Agreement between the Wajarri and Ngoonooru Wadjari Peoples and Murchison Metals31/08/2005
Native Title Petroleum Agreement between the Northern Land Council and Pardi Pty Ltd1/01/2003
Native Title Petroleum Agreement between the Northern Land Council and Sweetpea Corporation1/01/2003
North East Goldfields (Interim) Heritage Site Clearance Protocol8/02/1998
Oyala Thumotang National Park (Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land) and adjacent Aboriginal Land Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 13/12/2012
Pastoral Lease Grant Agreement
Pilbara Energy Pty Ltd (BHP) Gas Pipeline Extension Agreement12/03/1998
Pro forma Project Consent Deed for Exploration Licences (Victoria)
Pro forma Project Consent Deed for Mining Licences (Victoria)
Pro forma Project Consent Deed for Petroleum Exploration Permits (Victoria)
Pro forma Project Consent Deed for Petroleum Production Licences (Victoria)
Pro forma section 31 Deed for Exploration Licences (Victoria)
Pro forma Section 31 Deed for Mining Licences (Victoria)
Pro forma section 31 Deed for Petroleum Exploration Permits (Victoria)
Pro forma section 31 Deed for Petroleum Production Licences (Victoria)
RTIO and PKKP People Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) 15/11/2012
Saibai Island Torres Strait Social Housing Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)22/01/2018 
Sand Mining Agreement
SCONI Project Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)20/08/2012
Skardon River Kaolin Project1/01/1994
South Australian Access Clearance Agreement15/08/1997
South-West Queensland Cooper Basin Exploration Agreement (Native Title Act) June 20051/06/2005
Striker Resources and the Balangarra People Accord20/08/1997
The Mount Todd Deed of Agreement28/01/1993
Union Mining, the Ewamian People and the State of Queensland Agreement1/11/1997
Western Mining Corporation (WMC) Olympic Dam Agreements1/03/1999
Wik & Wik Way People and Cook Shire Council Agreement # 2 5/11/2009 
Woodcutters Heads of Agreement1/11/1991
Woodcutters Mine Agreement1/01/1995
Work Area Clearance Agreement
Yandicoogina Negotiations Protocol & Confidentiality Deed1/01/1996

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