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Eileen Beryl Pegler, Paul Royce Butterworth, Marilyn Joyce Duncan, Athol Noel Goltz, Lorraine, Joyce McLennan, Kenneth Stewart Peters, Graham Ian Sauney, Linda Wailu, and Ronald Jock Watson on behalf of the Widi People of the Nebo Estate

Category: People
Sub Category:Native Title Applicants
Place:Northern Queensland
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
A total area of 17,212 square kilometres between the Denham and Peak Ranges to the West and Conners and Broadsound Ranges to the east. The southern boundary, for much of its length, follows Lotus Creek and the Connors River until it joins the Isaac River.
Alternative Names:
  • Western Desert People
  • Subject Matter:Access | Native Title
    Summary Information:
    Widi people (A13) (WA SH50-02)

    Western Desert People

    The National Native Title Extract at 6 lists the following people to be classified as Widi People as they are biological or adopted descendants of one or more of the following people:
    The Widi People are the biological or adopted descendants of one or more of the following people:
    (a) Jean White, mother of Albert Butterworth;
    (b) Mr Clark ("of Suttor Station") Jinny ("of Stockton Station") whose known children are Charlie Clark and Dick Clark;
    (c) Jinny ("of Stockton Station") whose known child (with Mr Watson) is Charlie Watson;
    (d) Siblings Tommy Emmerson/Iffley and Arthur Emmerson;
    (e) Roger ("of Nebo district") whose known child is Emily Rogers;
    (f) Neddy Thorney, whose known child is Sarah Mate Mate nee Thorney/Sauney;
    (g) Sophie ("of Nebo") whose known children are Jack Skeen, William Skeen, Norman Skeen, Elsie Skeen and Mary Skeen;
    (h) Dick ("of Nebo")whose known child is Sam Murray;
    (i) Billy ("of Nebo") Molly ("of Oxford Downs Station") whose known children are Jessie and Billy Sullivan;
    (j) Harry Monsell Snr ("of Lake Elphinstone") whose known children are Lily Sullivan, Flora Doyle and Harry Monsell Jnr;
    (k) King ("of Fort Cooper") Meg ("of Fort Cooper") whose known children are Johnny, Mick, Mitchell Dalton, Paddy, Emma and Annie;
    (l) Ida, whose known child is Rene Hess ("from Nebo") or
    (m) Maggie, whose known children are Norman Brown Snr, George "Duke" Barker and Ina Darwin.

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