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Other [Fourth] Respondents in <I>Clarrie Smith v State of Western Australia</I>

Category: People
Sub Category:Respondent
Summary Information:
The following individuals and companies were the fourth respondents in Clarrie Smith v State of Western Australia [2000] FCA 1249: Archaean Gold NL, Arimco Mining Pty Ltd, Colin Ross Atkins, August Ventures Pty Ltd, Barrack Mines Ltd, Cambrian Resources NL, Grange Resources NL, Grants Patch Mining Ltd, Horshoe Gold Mine Pty Ltd, Lachlan Resources NL, Legendre & Cambrian Resources, MIM Exploration Pty Ltd, Mines and Resources Australia Pty Ltd, Normandy Industrial Minerals Ltd, RGC Exploration Pty Ltd, Peko Exploration Ltd, Perilya Mines NL, Plutonic (Baxter) Pty Ltd, Plutonic Operations Ltd, Renison Ltd, St Barbara Mines Ltd, Swan Gold NL, Troy Resources NL, Whim Creek Consolidated NL, Zygot Ltd.

This group of companies represent respondents to a Native Title Consent Determination in Western Australia. They represent the mining and natural resource interests in the said land.

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