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Tourism BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Charter Council

Category: Organisation
Location:Republic of South Africa
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Employment and Training | Tourism
Detailed Information:
The Tourism BEE Sector Charter Council is responsible for overseeing and implementing the Tourism Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Charter and Scorecard. The Charter Council's priority areas for 2006-2009 are to:

  • 'Ensure efficient provision of support systems that will assist stakeholders in implementing the Charter and reporting on progress.
  • Provide effective and efficient administrative and management support services to ensure proper running of the Council as a delivery wing for BEE in tourism.
  • Engage with public sector and organs of state to ensure that they deliver on the preferential procurement element of the Charter and Scorecard.
  • Engage private sector to ensure that they deliver on elements of the Charter and Scorecard.
  • Facilitate implementation of innovative programmes to advance BEE in tourism through the seven elements of the Scorecard with specific focus on skills development, enterprise development and ownership.
  • Engage with social partners to communicate the benefits and opportunities brought by the Charter.'
    (Tourism BEE Sector Charter Council, Strategic Plan 2006-2009)

    In 2007 the Charter Council commissioned a baseline study to assess the transformation of the tourism sector against the targets provided for in the Charter and Scorecard (see link below).

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  • References

    Tourism BEE Charter Council (2008) State of Tourism Transformation Study
    Tourism BEE Charter Council (July 2006) Tourism BEE Charter Council Strategic Plan 2006-2009

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