Marine agreements cover marine life or areas.
Aboriginal Fisheries Consultative Committees
Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resource Management (NRM) Board
Broome Pearls Native Title Pearling Agreement18/11/2003
Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management Inc
Carcross/Tagish First Nation Final Agreement 23/07/2007
Coolgaree Bay Sponge Farm Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)22/12/2005 
Delaney on behalf of the Quandamooka People #2 v State of Queensland [2011] FCA 741 (4 July 2011)4/07/2011
Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) (Cth)
Dharumbal/ Woppaburra Traditional Use Marine Resource Agreement (TUMRA) 22/06/2007
Dugulburra Ecological and Environmental Services Group
Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)
Fisheries Management Act 1991 (Cth)
Gawirrin Gumana v Northern Territory of Australia (No. 2) [2005] FCA 50 7/02/2005
Girringun Traditional Use Marine Resource Agreement (TUMRA) 12/12/2005
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Gumana v Northern Territory of Australia [2007] FCAFC 232/03/2007
Harbours and Navigations Act 1993 (SA) 
Juru, Gia and Ngaro Turtle and Dugong Memorandum of Understanding5/07/2005
Kuuku Ya'u People's Marine Park Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)16/11/2009 
Kuuku Ya'u People's Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)16/11/2009 
Kwanlin Dun First Nation Final Agreement 19/02/2005
Mamu Traditional Use Marine Resource Agreement (TUMRA)25/06/2008
Marine Rangers Program
Memorandum of Understanding between the Angumothimaree Paynaranama People and the Queensland Government
Memorandum of Understanding of Timor Sea Arrangement5/07/2001 
North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation Limited
Northern Territory of Australia & Anor v Arnhem Land Aboriginal Land Trust & Ors (2008) HCA 29 (Blue Mud Bay Case)30/07/2008
North-West Gas Precinct Agreement
Nunavik Inuit Marine Region Agreement-in-Principle 200225/10/2005
Nyangumarta PBC KSCS Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)17/10/2014  
Pearling Act 1990 (WA)
Prior on behalf of the Juru (Cape Upstart) People v State of Queensland (No 2) [2011] FCA 819 (26 July 2011) 26/07/2011
Steering Committee for the Development of a Victorian Native Title Settlement Framework18/03/2008
Stradbroke Ferries Pty Ltd
Terrain Natural Resource Management
The Minister for Water and the River Murray for the State of South Australia
The Principles Communique on Indigenous Fishing22/12/2004
Treaty between Australia and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea concerning Sovereignty and Maritime Boundaries in the area between the two Countries, including the area known as Torres Strait, and Related Matters15/02/1985
Treaty between Australia and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea15/02/1985
Umbrella Final Agreement between the Government of Canada, The Council for Yukon Indians and the Government of the Yukon29/05/1993
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea10/12/1982
Wuthathi Traditional Use Marine Resource Agreement (TUMRA)25/06/2008
Yarrabah DOGIT Transfer Indigenous Land Use Agreement4/10/2011 

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