Non-Government Organisation (NGO)
An association based on the common interests of its members, individuals, or institutions. It has no government status or function and is not created by, nor is its agenda set or implemented by, a government.
St Luke's East End Community House1/07/1999
The Fred Hollows Foundation (Australia) 3/09/1992
World Vision Australia1/01/1966
World Wildlife Fund For Nature
Scouts Australia
Indigenous Community Volunteers
Australian Red Cross
Cancer Council Tasmania
Sydney Cove Rotary Club
Nunga Mi:Minar
Queensland Youth Services
Mission Australia
Catholic Education Office
Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland Ltd
Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre
Oxfam International
Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC)
Oxfam Australia
Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals
Association of Collective Investments
Group Training Northern Territory
Central Queensland Indigenous Development Ltd.
Mungindi Rural Transaction Centre

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