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Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation - Forestry Tasmania Memorandum of Understanding

Category: Agreement
Date: 4 March 2009
Sub Category:Commercial Agreement
Location:Northeast Arnhem land, Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Employment and Training | Forestry
Summary Information:
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between representatives of Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation and Forestry Tasmania relating to the sustainable harvesting and processing of timber from the estate of the Gumatj People (located on and around Gove Peninsula in northeast Arnhem land).

The agreement includes provisions for the development and implementation of a management plan for the sustainable harvesting of timber resources and the consolidation of existing timber processing facilities and capacity, including the provision of technical assistance and training programs:

"Under the terms of the MOU, Forestry Tasmania will work with the Gumatj Corporation to develop a sustainable timber industry, based on selective harvesting and management of hardwood on the Gumatj clan estate and use of timber for a range of associated industries." (Forestry Tasmania, 4 March 2009, p.1)

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    Memorandum of Understanding

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