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Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Prescribed Body Corporate | Aboriginal Corporation | Incorporated Association
Location:Moa Island, Torres Strait, Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter:Self Government | Land Settlement
Summary Information:
Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation is the registered native title body corporate for the consent native title determinations in Mualgal People v State of Queensland [1999] FCA 157 (12 February 1999) and Manas v State of Queensland [2006] FCA 413 (13 April 2006).

The Corporation is registered by the Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations (ORAC). It was incorporated on 18 January 1999. The objects for which the Association was established are set out as follows:

'(a) to act as an agent of the native title holders;
(b) to co-ordinate and obtain a determination of the native title rights and interests of the native title holders;
(c) to be a prescribed body corporate for the purpose of being a subject of a determination under Sections 56 and 57 of the NTA;
(d) to perform the function of a Registered Native Title Body Corporate as an agent for the native title holders in respect of matters relating to native title, pursuant to the NTA and its Regulations;
(e) to own land and/or hold a leasehold interest in land;
(f) to advance the welfare and affairs of the Mualgal peoples in any manner consistent with law and consistent with their traditional laws and customs;
(g) in any case, hold money (including money received by way of compensation or other consideration received in relation to the native title rights and interests) on trust and to invest or otherwise apply the money as directed by the native title holders.'
(ORAC, 'The Rules of the Mualgal Torres Strait Islanders Corporation', art 6: 'Objects': (at 18 October 2005)).

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    Incorporated Association | Aboriginal Corporation (Australia) | Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) (Native Title Act) (Australia)

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